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If you want people to come and read what you’ve painstakingly written, you have to have a certain amount of keyword research knowledge under your belt.

You will after you’ve read this…

Keywords define what your content is all about, and these are the building blocks of your business.

What is Keyword Research in SEO?

In SEO, keywords are words or phrases used when people search for a particular topic.  These are entered into search engines to find answers, and are also referred to as “search queries”.

It’s essential that keywords relate to whatever content you publish.  These have to be relevant to what is being searched for.  This gives people a better chance of them finding your precious content among all the thousands of results a search engine can display for a given search term, or keyword.

It is obvious that keyword research is the core of SEO campaigns.   Your website pages need to be optimized for what search term you are trying hard to rank for.

If your site is about cats, it won’t be much good for people to find you if you use keywords related to dogs, such as kennels, ‘walkies’, ‘man’s best friend’ or any other similar term.  Ideally, the keywords you use for searchers to be able to find your ‘cat’ content would be keywords like felines, cats, moggies, tabbies, climbing-structures, scratching-posts, and other words relating to the topic of your niche, in this case, ‘cats’.

There are also what’s known as “long-tail keywords”, and a rough idea of what this means is given in the article, “What is a low-hanging fruit“.

Keywords are just as important to you, as they are to your audience. 

Obviously, the keywords you use are about your content.  You have to foresee what people might type in the search engines to find the answers they are looking for.

When you write your content, it is important to know which keywords will get you organic traffic for.

Keyword research

Traffic is what brings in visitors to your site, and they also bring in cash.  Following this line of thought, it makes perfect sense to optimize your strategy.  This is done by using those keywords which bring the most traffic to your site.

Even though you could have written the best article in the world about your particular niche, if you won’t get any traffic, all your hard work would have been a waste of time.

Keyword research is the root of any SEO campaign.  If this is not kept in mind, all is lost before it even begins.

If people aren’t searching for the keywords you target, then these are essentially useless for ranking your content.

At this point, you’re probably thinking that keyword research is something you won’t be able to get to grips with.  It sure seems to be such a difficult task to understand, let alone actually apply to your content.

There is no magic involved here, but just common sense.

The knowledge needed is to find the most effective keywords, or phrases, and target them to rank.  Without this, your search marketing campaigns might be a complete flop.

The whole point of doing proper keyword research is to satisfy two important marketing criteria.  These are simply covered with these two points:

  • The first is to bring in the organic traffic you badly need, and
  • The second is to increase your number of conversions.

What is the best way to do keyword research?

With every Google algorithm update, the way to use keywords keeps changing, but these aren’t likely to lose their importance.

The internet is constantly changing.

There’s Google’s algorithm updates, your competition, as well as the quality of your content.  All these will all have an impact on your results.

Before, it was easier to rank, and people could just stuff every piece of their content with keywords.  Google changed all that to be able to make the searcher’s website experience more of a pleasant one.

The way things are now, your content should be more ‘down-to-Earth’.  It needs to almost resemble a conversation between the writer and the reader.  This obviously involves the writer’s tone of voice and the point of view on certain topics.  However, the most important point of all is that the content has to flow as naturally as possible.

The process of finding the best keywords to use are those having a good search volume.  This means there’s a high interest in that subject.  It’s what people are searching for in search engines, like Google, Bing or Yahoo.

Apart from having a substantial amount of search volume, your keywords will also need to have certain metrics.  These are essential to help you find the best ones for your business.

There are various ways to conduct your research.

And, there are also a variety of tools to be able to do this.

Some are quite pricey, while others are free.

What is the importance of keyword research?

Did you know that there are more than five billion searches per day?

That is quite a lot of keywords.

With the internet taking over more and more of the economy, the importance of keywords becomes more than obvious.  It is essential for any business to be found online for it to succeed.

For those businesses who are already online and want their business to flourish,  they need to understand the importance of using suitable keywords for buyers to be able to find them.  The more people who find the business, the more traffic heads their way.

Keyword research in google



The use of keywords on your pages

Creating compelling content is what it’s all about.  You need to provide real value for those who come to read your writing, and it shouldn’t just be written with Google’s robots in mind.

Including related and relevant keywords to your article during the writing process is of the utmost importance if you wish your content to be found by people searching for it.

To have the best results for SEO, keywords should be included in the title of the article, as well as in the body of your copy.

To go just a little bit deeper, they should also be included in the meta description and also the alt attributes of images on that particular page.  These will be covered later on, so don’t worry too much about them at the moment.

One step at a time, otherwise, you’ll end up with your brains blowing out of your ears, which isn’t recommended.

I’ve just mentioned these so you’ll know about them, as they are essential for your content to be located among the thousands of others out there.


Why keyword research for SEO

One of the most important reasons why keyword research is carried out is to increase organic search.

By carrying out a research of the words people search for, you will be able to drive the most relevant traffic to your site, with the possibility of more conversions.

When you optimize your page for SEO, this assists Google’s robots to crawl and index websites.  It helps your website to rank organically on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

The way to get your website to rank is for the robots to crawl your site while looking for keywords with relevance to both what the searcher is looking for, and your website’s content.

 Google Search






Keyword research and content writing

When you write good content, this has to be done with keyword research in mind.

Having keyword rich content will only assist what your potential audience is likely to find during their searches in the search engines.

Whatever length of content you write, it should be aimed at suitable keywords which meet the search volume and competition criteria.

How often should keyword research be done?

Searching for suitable keywords isn’t done just the once.  As already stated, keywords are the building blocks of your website, and keywords require regular updates and they have to be revalued every so often.

This is mainly because trends shift, new keywords come up on the market, and your searchers demands also increase.

Having new keywords in the SERPs, if these are better than yours, will knock yours further away from their possible prime position.  You have to be on your toes and keep one step ahead of your competition as much as you can.

Apart from this, when you work on new content or even modify it in some way or another, you still need to do your research, each and every time you write something.

You always need to keep your audience in mind, and also the way their search queries might change over the passage of time.  Your keywords have to be modified to cater for their new searches, otherwise, they won’t find you anymore.

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