Why do people leave their job

Nobody decides to quit their job for the fun of it.  There is always a good reason for it, and most times, it’s not the work itself which is the problem.  After researching the question ‘why do people leave their job’, the same (angry) answer seems to come up more often than others:

Bloody stupid Management!

Is that saying something about how a place is run?

People get a job because they need something out of it.  Usually, it is the money, however, others do it for their need to feel useful.  This includes people who work as volunteers, which is very noble of them in the first place.  Whatever the reason one gets a job for, it’s because it fills a need, and that need can be a decisive one.

For these workers, paid or not, to leave their employment because they can’t do it any longer is not something positive.  The fact that one quits has repercussions on both the employee, as well as the employer.

It is a real shame that a business loses its top workers because of bad management.  This can just be through the actions of ONE bad manager who spoils it for all the rest.

Keeping employees happy in their job is the only way you can keep them there.  Keeping them happy doesn’t necessarily mean an increase in their salary, but showing them your appreciation towards their efforts works wonders.

Losing a good worker, apart from costing the business money, will also involve training new staff.  Newbies might either not to like that job after being trained, or use your training and then go to better things.

A happy worker is a productive worker

Happy workers wouldn’t even dream of leaving, even if they were offered a better paying job.

HR is the authority to hire people skilled enough to do a particular job.

This is great.  But what if HR is too busy with seeing to piles and piles of papers on a daily basis?

How well will HR be able to do the job properly when buried under a ton of paperwork?

There are always challenges which are openly known to HR.  However, there are usually no resources available to iron these issues out.  In the long run, these will then become a big problem if not dealt with when the moment was ripe.

Each employee has his or her particular reasons to leave.  Most times, their choice to quit could very well have been avoided had the Management controlled the situation.

In either case, people will end up leaving the job they once loved, or still love.  However, they find it very difficult staying in the job because of various issues.

Top reasons why people leave their job


Job Expectations.

The job didn’t prove to be all that it was painted out to be.  Disappointment runs high, and self-esteem runs low, as you ended up doing something you probably had no idea that it was part of your job.

Lousy Management.

This is perhaps one of the main reasons why people decide to leave their employment.  Even though employees try to make things better by offering constructive suggestions, these seem to fall on deaf ears.  At worst, your suggestions might backfire on you.  It is amazingly easy how bad Management can increase staff turnover, to the detriment of the business.

Promotions are not in the pipeline.

Everybody enjoys going up a step in the ladder of success.  If no such steps are readily available, then some workers would prefer to opt out of that position and look elsewhere for a more rewarding position.

No effort appreciation.

This is one of the things that kills me.  It’s really amazing that people, who are obviously doing nothing, get all the merit for their ‘work’.  And you, who breaks your back to improve things, don’t get any form of recognition from upstairs.  I mean, I don’t expect any medals for doing my job, but why should I hear the Management praise certain people who carry out little jobs, while your major projects are not even remotely recognized?

Lack of Communication.

It almost seems like the right hand has no idea what the left hand is doing, and vice-versa.  By the way, these hands are both attached to the same body.  How can things be organized if the situation is messed up like that?  Knowing what is going on is essential, especially if you are asked about some things you are expected to know.  It’s sweet when you really have no idea what they are on about.  It is embarrassing and frustrating, to say the least.  Not being left ‘in the loop’ will only make you feel like you’re not important.  The end result is you end up not enjoying the situation, making it high time to move on.

Financial Dilemma. 

Just like rats leave a sinking ship, the members of the staff with huge financial commitments won’t hang around until the ship has reached the bottom of the sea to bale out.  They simply can’t afford it, especially more so if the business can’t pay their due wages if it has scraped the bottom of their barrel.   At the first signs of things turning a bit rough, the sensible ones will try to find an alternative before the inevitable happens.  The very loyal ones tend to hang around, sadly, going down with the ship when this goes under.

Monetary Perks.

As much as an employee enjoys their job, life can be demanding, and the cost of living doesn’t ever seem to go down.  Offering perks in the form of bonuses, or even as fringe benefits do go a long way and it’s one of the best ways to keep employees happy, and loyal.  Without these occasional perks, some might go looking elsewhere for a job that can offer them these necessary luxuries.

Poor Staff Engagement. 

A fish out of water will never survive, and neither will an employee who, probably through using deceiving tactics, managed to land a good paying job which wasn’t suitable.  Colleagues will easily see right through this person and know that the job is not suitable.  It’s not fair to them, so much so, it will infuriate others, the experienced ones, especially if the newbie is earning the same income as them.  There is bound to be friction, and if they gang up on such an employee, making that employee’s life a misery, the chances are that he or she will end up leaving sooner than expected.  It’s either that or the experienced ones will decide to vacate the place, for good.

Boredom is a killer of souls.

Boredom at work is a dangerous game to play for the Managers.  A bored employee will either end up not showing any enthusiasm (isn’t that a surprise), or might even cause damage to the business in more ways than one, through sheer boredom.  Nobody likes this situation, especially those with some grey matter above.  Good employees need to feel like they are being productive, and their work is an important contribution to the business.  If they conclude that their work is insignificant, they will want to move on.

Personal Growth.

Everybody, or almost everybody, enjoys learning new things.  These are fun challenges and a chance to make you proud of your achievements, while at the same time help your personal growth.  Staff training has a two-fold advantage.  It increases the employee’s knowledge, and it also makes the business better by running smoother.  Good Managers have a set budget for training, and they put this to good use.

Over-worked and underpaid.

This has got to be another one of the favorite reasons why staff decide to leave their present employment.  I can tell you first hand, it’s worse than awful.  It almost feels like slavery in the modern world.  When you think about it, it is inevitable that when people leave, the remaining workers have to do their work if nobody is brought in as a replacement.  The longer it goes on, the more staff will leave, and so the more of a workload will be added to the remaining colleagues.

Undeserved Promotions.

Improper promotions is also a killer.  No matter how good you are, no matter how many years of experience you have, and no matter if you know your job inside out, you’re never promoted.  That really kills a good employee.  The Management decides who to promote, for whatever reason they deem fit, which is not always the best reason.  However, when they mess it up, then they have to shoulder the fact that they’ve upset people who had truly deserved that promotion, and these were left standing.

Work is work, and home is home. Work and Play

Nothing worse than when you’re enjoying a nice relaxing day away from all the hassle, the phone goes.  It’s from work, and most probably the call is because there’s a problem.  It won’t be so bad if you get suitable compensation for it, along with a pat on the back, and recognition for your efforts.   But when that doesn’t happen, and worse still, you get done for not answering the phone (in your free time with your family), then that is the pits.  It would really be high time to tell them to put their job somewhere where the light doesn’t shine, and you move on.

Management Feedback.

It’s very important to have Management acknowledge a worker’s positive actions, and this can easily be done by officially recognizing such actions appropriately.  But, sadly enough, this hardly ever happens, which leaves employees demoralized, and gutted.  The first chance they get, they’ll try to find another position somewhere else, taking away with them all their training, their expertise, and all their contacts…to the detriment of their employer.

The alternative?  Yes…


When an employee reaches a point of no return

Unfortunately, when a worker has had just about all that can be tolerated, very little will bring back the original happy attitude to the job.

A careless attitude will reign, while an ‘I don’t give a damn anymore‘ will be a normal reaction from a former hard worker, and all because of things which have been mentioned up in the list above.

It’s not easy finding good workers.

Yes, workers are abundant, but most of them are without any appropriate experience.  These would require extensive training which can take weeks or even months.  In the meantime, mistakes are made, which can run into thousands of dollars in damages…and all because a good employee wasn’t kept happy in the job.

Managers who might happen to read this article, let it sink and do put it to good use.  It’s no good crying over spilled milk as once you’ve lost one of your best employees, the chances of getting a suitable replacement are very remote.

All the things mentioned above are all doable.  There is nothing out of this world which is out of reach.

All it takes is to have a clear view of what is really going on, and if you really want your business to flourish, make it a point to keep your employees happy.  Never close communication lines, and make it a necessity to hear what your employees are telling you.  They do know better in many cases, even if you don’t like to admit it.  They are doing the work, they know what it’s like, and they know the strongest and the weakest links in the business.

Job CV

Some Managers live up in the clouds

A Manager living upstairs, who only comes down to the floor once in a while, has no idea what is truly going on.

No idea at all.

If you are a Manager, and if the success of your business is sacred to you, then heed the advice above.

A good employee will always find a suitable alternative, and you are left standing.

And who’s fault is it?

None, but your own…

Unfortunately, many places of work are like that.  They seem to be infested with lousy Management, up to the top.

Thank goodness there is good news for you.

Play your cards right, and you won’t need them anymore.

In other words, stuff them.

This sounds too good to be true, but it is a fact, so keep on reading…

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  1. Hi, there

    It was interesting, I have never thought about this subject before and When I read your post, I saw many pictures of my past, I have had many jobs and that’s because I’ve traveled a lot not because I was fired, 🙂 but it’s quite right with you if the manager is pesky then it will be dull morale, and people stop or can not work there anymore.

    This is what happened to me, and I went to Wealthy Affiliate, and I have never tried such fun working place before do not you agree with that?

    Thank you for this great post.

    Best regards


    • Hello, Solomon.

      Thank you for stopping by to have a read.

      Yes, unfortunately many are those who are going through hell, and on a daily basis, because of their job. 

      I too have changed jobs, and with each and every one of them, always trying to make things better.  However, this was not always the case, and there have been times of jumping out of the frying pan, straight into the fire.

      Of course, if the manager is pesky, that person can make your life a misery, with only one way out of that situation.

      Like you, I went over to WA to see what is going on, and so far it’s been brilliant.  The amount of stuff to learn is out of this world, but so is the support one gets, which is wonderful.

      Thanks once more for your comment, Solomon.

      Best regards,


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