What is the best niche in Affiliate Marketing

How to find an Affiliate Marketing Niche.

So you’re busy imagining how life will be for you pretty soon…

You see yourself lazying on a deckchair, on a sandy sun-drenched beach, sipping away at your favorite drink.   The sea air smells sweet, and tastes salty, as the fine water droplets caress your face.

Yes, you’ve made it!

You’ve found what you think is the best niche in Affiliate Marketing, at last.

As you continue to imagine yourself at your laptop from the verandah of your home, overlooking the beautiful sandy beach.

And watch the sun coming down over the horizon, as it kisses the water in the distance.

After a sigh, you pat yourself on the back.  You’ve achieved success as a blogger and wish you’d done this before, years before.

You have been busy on your website, writing great content after great content.

You don’t sleep well enough to be able to work on your fantastic website.  The website which has been the turning point in your life.

You span the reach of your chosen niche

You hit Social Media with everything you’ve got.  You hit every possible outlet for ways of getting more traffic to your site.  Your income needs to increase with each minute that goes by.

Every hour, you eagerly look up to see just how much traffic is heading your way.   Often enough, you check your affiliate accounts for them to touch the thousands mark, on a weekly basis, or if your luck holds out, even before.

All this work leaves you with no time for anybody, and for nothing.

There is just too much for just one person, so you decide to delegate some of your workload!

Instead of it just being you, and only you, you now “see” a team of content writers working on your site.

All your life revolves around your site, your life, and your ways to improve your site’s rankings.

You wish the day had thirty-six hours instead of only twenty-four.


Your niche failed you

Reality comes down on you like a ton of bricks.

The ground below you opens up, and you are sucked into an ever ending bottomless pit of frustration… and utter disappointment.

But your website looks fantastic.  You know that for a fact.

You built it round a passion of yours, one that you were sure many others out there would view it with equal passion to yours.  Your whole life has been centered around this particular topic and the world needed your website to educate itself, and appreciate its importance.

This was planned to be your big break, your money-maker, your ticket to your tropical island!

You even managed to get merchants related to this subject so you would be able to display their products on your site, and make commissions on sales.

Creating content was so easy since you live and breathe your chosen niche.

You made sure the site is SEO optimized, and everything is green.

And yet…

Even though it gets some traffic, it isn’t enough to write home about, and the number of conversions is even worse!

The number of comments on your posts can be counted on one’s fingertips, and your rankings are at an all-time low.

You just can’t understand what has gone wrong, and why after two years of pumping work into this masterpiece of a site, you still haven’t managed to make even enough income to cover your costs, let alone end up on your tropical island.

Your dream just went up in smoke…*POOF*

Does this sound very familiar?

The only reason you have gone into Affiliate Marketing is to make loads of money.  All this from your supposedly profitable website after you learn how to build your online business.

This is what many people want from life…the security which having tons of money can offer them.

The conclusion you come to is that there is something very wrong, and this internet stuff doesn’t work!

You made the Earth-shattering discovery that the niche you chose for your dream… wasn’t the right one!

How could you be so stupid?

All that work…down the drain?

So many sleepless nights researching for more content.

Hundreds of notes on bits of paper everywhere, each with a heading, a topic, or an idea about your site.

All for nothing!

You might as well burn them all!!

What will you do now?

How can you get back all the time you lost?

You can’t, but you can save yourself from doing it again.

It truly might be an Earth-shattering moment as your personal world crumbles right before your very eyes.

But hang in there!

It’s not the end of the world as we know it, although it would seem that way to you.

Luckily enough, you’re reading this article, which will give you some insights on how to avoid such a catastrophe… next time.

Before you take the plunge, make sure your niche is a money maker

In order to avoid working your butt off, putting in so much effort, and not seeing any money from all your hard work, you should have taken your time in choosing your niche wisely

The main difference between people who make money online, and those who don’t, is their profound understanding of how niche marketing works.

To simplify this, there are THREE THINGS you need to cover well so you can make any money online from your website.

  • You need the right audience
  • You need to understand what they really want
  • You need to provide these people with solutions to satisfy their needs

Simple, yes?

The concept most certainly is.

It’s the execution which will take a bit of work.

Your niche has to offer some kind of help or a solution

The secret behind making money from your website is to find your group of people, your niche, and offer them the solution they are so eager to find.

Niche marketing is successful once you find the right products, services, or solutions these people are in dire need of.

You offer these to them!

There are practically thousands of profitable niches out there.

Your job is to find one which suits you, and them, down to the ground.

Here, you will find out how this is done.

One point to keep in mind is to relate to your potential customers in ways which reflect upon your own experiences.  These might be good or bad…it doesn’t matter!

All of us want to improve our lives on one way or another.

You need to find out how to do this for your audience, and expand on it on your website.

Evergreen Niche categories

The list of these possibilities is practically endless, but they are practically found under a handful of evergreen categories:

  • Love
  • Wealth
  • Social Success
  • Health
  • Self-improvement
  • Emotional Pleasures

Each of these can be further divided into sub-niches, and then sub-niches even more.

So, how do you actually go out there and find:

  • a low competition, brilliant site,
  • one which is extremely profitable,
  • and not difficult to rank?

Read on to see how it’s done…

One of the first things you need to establish how people can find your website.  It might be the best site on the internet, but if nobody can find it, it won’t be much use to anybody.

The way to find a good niche is to use a keyword tool

For those who don’t know what a keyword tool is, it’s a means of typing in it a word or a phrase, and the tool will let you know how many times this phrase or word is searched for on the internet.

If you were to create a niche website about snails, and you write a post about how fast does a snail move, you can rest assured that if you were to type in “how fast does a snail move” into the keyword tool, you won’t find thousands of people searching for that sort of thing.

This certainly won’t make their life any better.

This would simply mean that people just aren’t looking for that sort of thing, which makes your snail niche not look very promising to make money from.

However, should you write an article about money, and you type in the keyword tool, “How to make money“, you can just sit back and see the thousands of searches on a monthly basis shoot up.

This method of judging if the niche, or even an article itself, is going to be searched for on Google, or any other Search Engine, is to insert words or phrases into your keyword tool which they would normally search for.

The results from the keyword tool will dictate if your niche, or article, is worth the work involved.

You can’t underestimate the power behind keywords, especially in the early stages of your Affiliate Marketing career.

When you shop around for a good keyword tool, you’ll find tons of such tools out there.

But the one I use, and actually go as far as recommending it since it is really cool, is Jaaxy.

The good news is that if you become a member at Wealthy Affiliate,  you can use Jaaxy lite at absolutely no cost, and for how many keyword searches as you wish.


The Keyword tool is crucial as a niche finder

When searching for keywords, look for a niche which has a decent number of searches every month, and the competition for that keyword is low.

Depending if you are going to target what’s known as ‘long hanging fruit’, the number of searches could be as low as a hundred, with the QSR (Quoted Search Result – which is the number of competitors you are facing for that particular keyword) being in the order of about fifty.  Preferably not more than a hundred.

With QSR, still be on your toes as one of the reasons why this might be low for a particular product is because it might be extremely competitive in the SERPs.  Affiliates, or people like you who had initially thought about going for that particular keyword, will not bother about it.   Nobody in their right mind would go against the giants in that niche…it just doesn’t make sense.

This might sound to be somewhat unconventional, but don’t go for a keyword which has thousands upon thousands of searches every month.  This is because this would mean it has a great deal of competition, and you’ll find it next to impossible to even try to rank among the giants.

So, start slow, with the low hanging fruit. 

On many occasions, the fewer searches a particular niche gets, the competition will be less.  This will assist you to rank easier for that keyword.

Niche Market competition

I have to repeat this as it’s very important it sinks in…

It’s always advisable to go for a niche without a great deal of competition, otherwise, it’s next to impossible for you to rank out there.

You might think you stand a far better chance of making money from your niche if you go along with the heavies, that is Health, Finances, or Gaming, for instance.

You couldn’t be more wrong.

The thing with these heavies is that they usually have teams of writers writing content like there is no tomorrow.  They have adverts covering half of the internet, and they can pay heaps of cash to be everywhere, and anywhere.

If you expect your little website is going to outrank these people, think again.  It would be a good idea to take a step, or even ten… back.

I have to repeat this as well as it’s very important…

In the early stages of your adventure, go for the famous low hanging fruit.  These are the type of keywords that the heavies aren’t targeting for.

If you can, try and go for strange niches that not many people go for, or even know about. 

However, you must still do your homework to see if they are worth you bothering about.  If you manage to locate such a niche, you will have next to zero competition in the search engines.  To rank on Google’s page 1 will practically be a ‘walk in the park’. 

Every blogger’s dream

It’s every blogger’s dream to be on Google’s page 1.  It would be even better if this would be at the top three positions.

Choosing your niche wisely will help you remain in a good position on Google. 

This means more traffic, which means more cash.  

Then you can actually go to your tropical island, and enjoy life while you watch the sun going down on the horizon.

Don’t panic as I will show you exactly how to go about this. 

This article is just to lead you in the right direction.  It’s be used as a general guideline.  It’s sole purpose is to make you think and evaluate when you make your choice of niche.

It would be a good idea not go with the flow.  Be as original and creative as you can be.  Be unique, although it’s not really possible on the internet, but still try.

You need to go the other way, where the main line of traffic isn’t heading.  If you don’t, then you’ll only be bogged down in it.

If you go for a super competitive niche having a high authority, and being well established, thinking that’s where the money has to be… you won’t get anywhere.

Find yourself a good little niche, and go for it.  You’ll find a nice wide open road, and you’ll be able to be the king of that road.

So, how do you actually find out how competitive a niche is?

Simple, you can Google it, and see the results.

If hundreds of high authority sites show up in the SERPs, then you can forget that one.

It’s not your best choice.  Just look for another one.

By checking what the SERPs bring back, you will spot niches which might very well work for you.

The important thing is that the pages that are brought up aren’t high authority sites, dedicated solely to that niche you have your eyes on, otherwise, you’ll also get nowhere with it.

During your search for the ideal niche, make sure that what you pick has a product, or several, which you can sell.  Also, make sure that there is an audience out there who is actually willing to buy what you have.  Without these, you might rank on Page 1 of Google forever, but it won’t help your bank account in the least, and you can kiss goodbye your tropical island dream.

What is the best niche in Affiliate Marketing

To sum this up, the best niche for you depends on a great many factors, as already explained.  To find it might take you some work, and probably a few headaches along the way, but whatever niche you decide to go for, it really boils down to following these points, as laid out below.

Niche market choice points to stick to:

  • Find a niche that people are searching for
  • It has little competition on the Search Engines
  • It has to be a niche that people can actually buy stuff from 
  • Make sure there are affiliate products for it, and you’ll get a decent commission

Further reading and research.

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Do remember that this article by itself will not make you rich.

This article will help you guide you down the right road on which to build your business on.

The place where you should go to learn all about building a business online is none other than Wealthy Affiliate, which is, beyond a shadow of a doubt,

the best Affiliate Platform in the world.

I’ll see you inside…

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