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Fantastic, you should by now have found your super niche after researching the market.  If you haven’t, then don’t worry too much.  Just keep looking for that niche on which you will build your business around.  You even could have thought of a name, after doing some keyword research, to baptize your website with a killer domain name.  What follows now is Website hosting, and you’re on your way.

Things are looking good!

Now you need to do the next thing before you can start building your business.

You must find a place where your website will ‘live’, which is through what’s technically known as a ‘web hosting’ service.

Such web hosting places are practically made up of a number of computers, called servers, all working together under the control of the ‘web hosting’ company.  Hosting companies utilize very fast computers with a great deal of memory, which can store your website and that of many others.

The many others can be newbies, more experienced people, and even businesses.  It really doesn’t matter who it is.  Each has their own ‘space’, and what they put in this space is the content of their website.  The content might be words, videos, eBooks, and anything else you can think of which constitutes whatever niche they are working on.

The main scope in life of these servers is to provide the required technology for your website to be accessible on the internet.

Of the many web hosting services available

Website hosting-services

These basically fall into several categories.

I don’t wish to get too techy here, but you can always use this information when you are well on your way on your internet journey.

The most common is known as Shared Hosting, then Website Builders, Dedicated Hosting, and the last one would be Collocated Hosting.  The latter two are not something just anybody would need, so don’t fret too much about this.

Shared Hosting:

This is where your website will live, along with many others, all being shared on the same server.  This has the advantage of it not being expensive to host your website in such a setup.  You can look at it like renting out a flat on your own.  It would cost you, say, $1000 a month, but if the same flat is shared between a thousand people, then each would pay $1 for ‘their space’, which would be somewhat restricted, but still practical for normal day-to-day activity.   Depending just how fast the server can be, having many sites all being accessed from it at the same time might render this server somewhat slower.

However, it is ideal for a beginner to get to grips with what is going on with website hosting limitations.

Website Builders: 

This is a service which is ideal for those who have no knowledge at all of the building of websites, and don’t really want to know about building them.  They are good for people of extremely limited knowledge, but it would be a good idea to know just how things can be done.  You can find all about how to do things with websites, and so much more, at Wealthy Affiliate.

This exceptional place caters for everybody under the sun, from the newbies, to the highly experienced.  There are so many wonderful features present here, and so much for everybody.  I can only tell you that you might not be able to cover all the information present there… in just one lifetime.

Dedicated Hosting:

This kind of hosting is ideal when you have reached a certain level on your website, and you have tons and tons of content, along with millions of hits on a regular basis.  Here, you will have a web server all to yourself.  Having this sort of setup, you will have the fastest performance possible as you will have all the server’s resources to yourself, and not have to share these with others, like in the shared hosting setup.  One mega disadvantage here is that your hosting bills will hit the roof.  Once you’re raking in the millions, this won’t be such a big deal, but for now, you can forget you read this paragraph.

Collocated Hosting

This type of hosting too is out of many people’s league, at least when they are just starting up.  Many experienced webmasters still won’t think to have this sort of setup necessary as it is quite an expense, although you will have your own server, one which you have actually purchased, and it’s housed at the hosting company’s facilities.

Wealthy Affiliate: 

This is probably the best thing that’s come your way, and if you don’t know it yet, you will soon enough.  Here, you can register your domains, do keyword research, get help with content, get help with anything to do with Affiliate Marketing and anything else you can imagine…oh, and you can also host  your sites here.

Believe it or not, up to FIFTY websites.  This has got to be the ULTIMATE in hosting services.

Web servers

Coming back to website hosting services on a more down to Earth approach…

It’s not good to fill your head with all these things as otherwise you’ll push the panic button and close this browser.  After all, here, I’m going to show you how you can host your website in a very easy way…so stay with me.

Certain web hosting companies pose restrictions on what can be stored in their computers, and things like porn, and other dubious websites, won’t be accepted.

The data stored on these servers is constantly being backed-up on other systems, so you will not lose your precious website and all its priceless content.

It’s thanks to these ‘Web Hosting’ servers that your website will be made accessible over the internet.

Remember, not all Web Hosting services are created equal. 

As a starter, you certainly won’t need to pay through your nose and get one which is extremely fast.  These are mainly used by huge companies, having tons of content, and receiving millions of visitors on a regular basis.

Even though you wish your site to be huge, and which receive millions of hits, no website starts like this.

Initially, finding a ‘down to Earth’ hosting service will be more than sufficient for you.

There are some things you would need to be on the lookout for when shopping around for a place to keep your gem of a website.

Important features a hosting service company might offer. 

You would expect to have 24/7 support.  You would also like to have your site protected, and backed-up on a daily basis.  The backing-up of your site by your hosting company can save you many tears one day.

As I said, you don’t really need any particular speed initially, but one day you will.  When that day comes, we’ll talk again, but for now, take things one step at a time.

It’s good to mention that there are also free places where your website can ‘live’.  They are good for starters, but they do have limited resources available for you.  You, being the Webmaster, or the person who takes care of the website.

These free websites will have limitations as to how much content you can store on them.  The email account features will be extremely limited, if available, and so will their speed, since these will surely be a shared hosting.  Many will also put their own ads on your website, which you might not like since it is ‘your’ website, and you put what you wish on it.  You don’t want your pages littered with ads of whatever product your hosting company deems to put on them.  However, nothing in life comes completely free…so these things you must expect.

Also, some free hosting companies won’t allow you to monetize your site, which would be a bummer if you want to start building a business on it and make money along the way.  You can forget eCommerce on most of them as this is not included in the ‘free’ package.

Learn how to build a successful online business, the right way

Some free hosting sites are not bad, at least for you who are just starting your journey.  On the other hand, I would tend to stay very far away from certain others.  The reason is that you are given some extremely basic things for ‘free’.  However, when you need to do something else to your website, you need to pay for it separately.

On most of the ‘free’ web hosting platforms you will be limited to the structure of your website.  I wouldn’t say these are exceptional in making your site really stand out from the rest, as the tools available to you might be somewhat limited.

I don’t know if any of these free sites offer any kind of reliable spam filter, and I’m not too sure they’ll have SSL included, which is a feature Google is pushing.

Having my site on servers where the security is dubious isn’t something I’d want.  What if somebody was to hack them, and my site would be history?

That wouldn’t be SO BAD if you were just starting out.  It won’t hurt anybody if you only had a few posts and pages up there.  Imagine the sheer panic if you had a couple of year’s work, and it’s all lost?  The hairs on my skin go on end even at such a thought.

However, having said that, it is an opportunity for anybody just starting out.  They are great to get a feel of the waters out there.  You’ll have an idea of what is available…and for free.

I won’t include any hosting companies as I don’t wish you to be biased in any way.  You can just Google ‘Free Hosting Services’ in your search box.  Then, sit back while your screen is filled with pages.

Free Hosting Services are plenty, but how good they are is something else

When I first started, I too had a few websites up on these free hosting services.  The problems I eventually encountered, problems like wanting to change something with the site’s layout, which included text color, size and font, image size and position, and other things, all eventually put me off using these sources.

You can decide in your own free time, at your own pace, and go for it…

It will be a good choice, but don’t expect too much from them as you will end up being disappointed.

The only thing I can tell you at this stage is:  “Good Luck!

Eventually, one fine day, I accidentally came across a particular site which offered everything I was looking for, and all in one place.

I thought I had won the lottery, or a wonderful dream had finally come true.  One thing for certain, I was forever grateful at this turn of events.

Yes, I had accidentally stumbled on Wealthy Affiliate.

For those in the dark, this place lets you sign up and try nearly all the goodies for FREE, for SEVEN whole days.

After that, you can sign up for a month, for a measly fee.  Then, if you feel you’ve struck gold, like I did, you can sign on as a regular Premium Member.  When you consider all the features, the advantages, and all that’s available, it will be well worth your while.

The SiteRubix easy to build website platform

At Wealthy Affiliate, you can have twenty-five sites of your choice domains, and twenty-five more hosted with SiteRubix, which is Wealthy Affiliate’s platform.

You can install any WordPress theme you wish on any, or all of them, available from within the platform itself.

The twenty-five sites on the SiteRubix platform will all have a FREE domain.  You don’t have to pay for it.  The thing with these websites would be that they will end with ‘’.  Some members have been very successful on these platforms, so these twenty-five free sites is not to be taken lightly.

The websites hosted on the SiteRubix domain are ideal when you are just starting out.  You need to experiment and get a feel of things.  Everything on your sites here will be just like any other site out there.  In other words, these would be fully functional sites, like all the other ones on the internet.

siterubix website hosting

My sites on WA are fast, and some of them are actually faster than websites not hosted on this platform.  There are ways of making your website to load fast.  This is one of the features you’ll be covering once you take a look inside of Wealthy Affiliate.

Having your site to load fast is one of the important metrics in SEO. 

A visitor having to wait more than a few seconds for your site to load up will simply close that browser window, and click on another one which will load faster than yours.  Speed is essential for today’s internet users, and WA doesn’t fall on delivering this facility to your traffic.

That is a whopping total of FIFTY sites!

Do you believe that?

I certainly couldn’t.  That was just totally unheard of, and all these for a measly monthly fee.

Let me clarify this somewhat.

If you were to pay for membership, be it monthly, or be it yearly, you can have either ONE site hosted there, or you can have FIFTY hosted there.  I don’t think you need to be a genius to figure out one of the prime advantages of being a member of Wealthy Affiliate.

If what you do on the internet takes off after your first site, you can create another, and another, and another…all for a fixed and very affordable fixed price.

You just can’t go wrong!

It is the best value in web hosting anywhere.

Don’t just take my word for it, do your research, and then come back telling me I was right.

Wealthy Affiliate is indeed the best platform to host your website(s) on.

…and the above just proves how truly great Wealthy Affiliate is.

On this platform, WordPress is used.  Many internet entrepreneurs won’t use anything else but this for their websites because of its versatility.

website hosting WordPress

If you didn’t know about Wealthy Affiliate, with all the goodies that come with it, and you’re hosting at some other place, you can still transfer your sites to this platform without any problems.  The amount of money you’ll be saving will be well worth the transfer.

At WA, one of its gems is the Community itself.  Here, people like you and me, young and old, experienced and not, all come together and help each other out.  Knowledge is shared openly, and the amount of comradeship in this place is something short of being crazy.  I have yet to come across such a place like this.  I won’t bother searching though, as I’m sure I won’t find one that comes even close to this setup.

Just so that you know, the main focus of Wealthy Affiliate is to train, teach, and guide people into the world of affiliate marketing.

It is also referred to as an Affiliate University, and with good reason when you consider the vast amount of information available there.

However, this isn’t necessarily the case.  Affiliate marketing might not be your scene…and want to do other things with your website.  You might want to tell the whole world about your pet hamster or  about your plans to build a time machine.  You can keep it simple and just write your personal blog…it doesn’t matter one little bit.

You can host your sites to be about whatever niche you want, apart from porn and dubious material, of course.

The amount of training that is available to you is well and truly priceless, and well worth the monthly or the yearly fee.

I know, because I’m a member there, and I can openly vouch for all this without any hesitation whatsoever.

Enter Wealthy Affiliate, and be amazed, but sit down, as all the information waiting for you will blow you away!

Don’t just take my word for it, give it a try.

In any case, what have you got to lose, and a great deal to gain?

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