Prevent website content copying, and how to go about it

You’ve had this great idea about what your next article is going to be about.


You start with doing your research, check out keywords, and come up with a killer title for your article, and find some images you can use.  You then lock yourself up in your bedroom to write it.

Twenty-four hours later, you emerge, bog-eyed, but with a huge smile on your face stretching from ear to ear.

Published!“,  you tell all those around!

You’re so happy at this, it almost feels like you’re walking on clouds.

This has to be your greatest masterpiece of all time, and you’re so proud of yourself for producing such a fine post.

It’s so fine, you even surpassed your own expectations.

You’re certain to have taken into account all the required SEO, image compression, sentence and paragraph length, white spaces, Alt Text, links, and ticked all the items on your checklist.

However, there is something which not many bloggers check out, and it’s not usually on their checklist.

There is a special something bloggers tend to miss out on.  

You didn’t protect your work…

Many never even give this crucial thing a second thought.

Your brilliant blog post has failed you

A few days later, you’re sinking down a bottomless pit because your writing was so brilliant.

You could say you’ve become a victim of your own success…

I’ll explain that a bit better.

When you checked out to see how your masterpiece is faring on the search engines, you find an article with the same title as yours has ranked better.

Good luck to them”, you might think.

However, just out of curiosity, you click on it to see what it has better than yours for it to rank higher.

That’s where your heart stops, and you sink down the bottomless pit.

Prevent website content copying Image 2

The article you clicked on is a clone of the one you had just published a few days before.

Word for Word, including headings, and images, apart from names and affiliate links, as these have been obviously changed!

This is so wrong, and regrettably, it is more common than one would like to admit.

You’re gutted, and feel like you’ve been violated!

And rightly so!

All those hours of hard work you put in to create this content, the lack of sleep, and all the rest that goes with writing a fabulous article…all down the drain because of creepy thieves who had the nerve to steal your work.

Yes, thieves don’t just come into your house and take your jewelry, TV, laptop, or other valuables.

Nowadays, thieves also help themselves to the work you’ve done on your website, the same work you’ve sweated blood over to create.

And not only that, but they also capitalize on it.

They are technically stealing your money from you, and they are robbing you in broad daylight.

Don’t spend hours writing an article for it to be stolen

In not so many words, you’ve just been ripped off by a clown.  The only problem is, that most times, these clowns manage to get away with blue murder.

You need to protect yourself against these occurrences so they will not happen to you.

And there are ways and means how to go about it.

I know, nothing is 100% secure, but it’s always a great deal better than leaving your site wide open to thieving clowns.

It sucks when somebody steals your work, be it your livelihood or not, but it sucks even more if your stolen work gets ranked higher than yours!

Prevent website content copying image 3

Now that is the pits, and big time too.

Some might argue that they are safe since the ‘Plagiarism Algorithm’ comes into play, which will root out duplicate content, and shoot down the pirates.  I know of cases that this doesn’t seem to work so well, so I wouldn’t put too much trust in it for the time being.

How you can prevent website content copying

You can do this in more ways than one.  Installing a plugin is an excellent way of going about this.

You’re right, it might make your site that little bit slower because you’re adding another plugin, but at least you’ll sleep better at night knowing your work is as safe as it could possibly be.

There are various plugins you can use to protect your site with.

From your WordPress site, just go to Add New Plugin, and search for an appropriate one to protect your work.

You can look out for something in the lines of “right click disabled” or “copy protection“.

Before you install the one of your choice, always make sure it will work with your version of WordPress, otherwise, you could end up with complications.

I use one which is called “RCD – Right Click Disabler for WordPress”. 

It’s simple, effective, and you don’t need to set it up or anything.  You just activate it and forget all about it.

In their own words: “It disables the right click of a mouse, disables content selection as well as image selection.  It disables Control + C, Control + V, and there is NO coding required

It also protects your website code from inspect and view source.

Like this, nobody can use it to copy anything from your site…Fabulous!

You can find out if it’s been installed properly by going to your site (after you’ve updated it) and trying it out.

It can’t be any more straightforward.

Prevent website content copying image 4

Get the Search Engines to take action

The most common of the search engines are Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Thank goodness for DMCA reports!

This is the link to Google’s DMCA Notice.

This is the link to Bing’s DMCA Notice.

You have to be logged in to their respective Webmaster Tools to be able to get to the actual forms themselves.

You can then submit to report any copyright infringement.  What usually happens after is that the offending post will be taken down.  If the pirate site is packed with such copied content, then this stands a good chance of being taken down altogether.

Where you need to be to learn more about this

There is really so much more you can learn about this subject, and about anything and everything which concerns your website.

The list is endless, but you can find everything you need, and loads more, in a place called Wealthy Affiliate.

Drop in for a look, and let me know what you think.

If you’re still not sure, take a look at my Wealthy Affiliate review for 2018.

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2 thoughts on “Prevent website content copying, and how to go about it

  1. I am not sure about this. I feel blocking the right click option is like disabling my visitor a helpful feature of browsing websites. They cannot use right click > open in a new window or open in a new tab. In chrome the alt menu has open with incognito. In Microsoft Edge has “Read Aloud” feature after right click. It helps for visual impaired users. Especially senior citizens who had trouble reading with small fonts. All these features are killed for my users. Google has a system to detect the originality of the content and de-indexed the copy. So I don’t have to worry much about this.

    • Hi there, and thanks for your comments.

      I have to be honest and say that I too find the right click being disabled as a pain in the backside, but if it helps with inhibiting people copying and pasting my posts, I’ll carry on using it…that is, unless I think of something better in the near future.

      Yes, Google has ways to detect originality, but if something is not done quickly, your ranking will plummet in the meantime.  It could take days, weeks, or even longer before the copy is pulled down.  By that time, the damage would have been done.


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