Killer headlines for web content

This is the first and foremost rule of Writing Headlines:

“Your headline is your one and ONLY WAY to make an impression on your visitor.”

Never forget this, otherwise you might as well stop writing more articles.

You don’t have to be a copywriter to write headlines which convert.

Here, you’ll be given hints and tips how copywriters do it…

All you need to do is to follow a few golden rules, and you’ll be just fine…so read on

Introduction to headlines

Newspaper Headings

Only eight out of ten people will read a headline.  Then, only two out of ten will go through the article.  That’s not really a lot when you think about it.

This is why you need a nice flow of traffic coming over to your site to read your words of wisdom.  (More about traffic at a later stage)

Headlines can be found anywhere and everywhere.

They can the subject line in an email, the front page of a magazine or a newspaper, an information webinar, a training video, Social Media, an eBook, and of course, in a blog…

Let me repeat it once more…

Without the ability to make the most important FIRST impression, your copy might as well be just a blank page!

It won’t matter if your writing is full of words of wisdom.  It won’t matter if your words tell your prospective readers the ultimate way to make their dream come true.

The only thing that matters is that they are hooked on your headline, and then motivated to carry on reading your copy.

Headlines can also be referred to as ‘hooks’

The main purpose of a hook is to grab your reader’s attention.

This is more so if your headline addresses a problem your readers are facing.

Problems are all around us, and we all have the need to eliminate these as much as we can.

They could be financial problems, health related, or even emotional ones.

If your article promises to eliminate even one of the many problems people have, then you will have visitors eager to read your copy.

How hard is it to write a really good headline?

Your headline, whatever it relates to, is critical to achieving your goals. 

This is the top ranking factor in your success… or your failure.

Writing headlines which grip your audience is extremely hard and very time-consuming.  However, this is one of the most important techniques of your online success.

For many business owners, writing a really good headline is one dilemma they face regularly.

These people understand that the success of their enterprise depends entirely on getting people to read their content.  Time-strapped business owners would sooner delegate this task to professional copywriters.

When you are just starting off, you will have to do these things on your own.

And yes, they do take up a great deal of your time, and it is hard work, but it will be worth it.

If your writing skills are good, and you manage to also compose brilliant content, your chances of converting readers will be in your favor.

Copywriters are gifted people.


They can get you to change your mind and read something which you weren’t at all bothered about before.

The way these talented people craft their words, the way they make them compelling and catchy, it’s next to impossible to stop yourself from having a read.

As your business grows, and you’ll start seeing some return on investment, you might want to reach out to copywriters to help you out.  This will leave you more time to concentrate on other important things on your website.

It is a known fact that you should spend as much time as you can dedicate to come up with a good headline.

Some professional copywriters state that the time taken to write a great headline is about the same time it takes you to write the actual copy itself.

Let me put it differently, and explain it better.

If people won’t even be enticed to read your headline, what are your chances of getting them to read your copy?

In other words, you’d have wasted your time writing anything as it will be totally worthless.

Sadly enough, most bloggers don’t reflect enough about their headlines.  They are too busy rushing through the whole procedure so they can get another post published… quickly.

What makes particular headlines different from others

For your headline to be picked out from the hundreds, or even thousands of other headlines, it needs to be special.

Particular headlines are selected from others because they offer a promise to the reader.

You want visitors to become absorbed by your headline, and leave them wondering.

This could be a way to better one’s life, in any way, shape or form.

Whatever the reason is, it has to get the reader to consider your words, and then prompt action.

What makes a good title or headline

Fish and Chips

A headline, apart from being catchy, provoking a reaction from the prospective reader, also has to be SEO optimized.

The following three points you must keep in mind when composing your article’s headline:

  • Does it compel enough interest to hook readers?
  • Is it good enough to convert visitors into readers?
  • Will anybody share your headlines through Social Media?

Writing compelling headlines is a finely honed craft.

Copywriters can vouch for this as it works very well, and some have become very wealthy writing copy for huge companies.

In this day and age, apart from your content triggering an emotion to get your copy read, it has to be good enough to be shared through Social Media.

The various types of headlines

Whatever approach you take to writing your headline, just don’t use clickbait – it sucks!

It is also unfair on your readers to entice them into thinking that your content promises them something, when in fact it doesn’t.   With such misleading headlines, you set your reader’s expectations as to what they will find.  However, this backfires on you nicely when visitors feel they’ve been cheated.  You would have practically stolen their limited time available to come and have a read, only to be hugely disappointed.


Clickbait –  It doesn’t work! (stay away from doing this)

That’s not entirely true, as it does bring in visitors.  Everybody is intrigued with a good heading, but they’ll be gone as fast as they appeared when they realize your content isn’t what they expected.

They will certainly not return to your site, let alone purchase anything from your site, and it would only be your fault for trying to be ‘clever’.

The simplest headline of them all, is,How to…”

This is a fabulous way to get your reader’s interest, and pull them into reading what you’ve written.  This is especially more so since we all enjoy learning something new, or increase our knowledge about a particular topic.

Taking a few examples into account:

How to ………………..The Right Way

How to ……………….. That Drives ………………..

How To Make A Strong ………………..

How To Create ……………….. That Gets ………………..

How To Tell If ………………..

Another simple, and yet a very effective one is, “Top # Hacks”

Numbered lists are a sure way of getting people to click on the headline.  This has been proven over and over again.

Here are a few examples:

# Insane ………………..That Will Give You ………………..

# Resources To Help You Become ………………..

# Examples Of ……………….. To Inspire You

# Reasons You Didn’t Get ………………..

# Most Effective Tactics to ………………..

Obviously, you need to change the # symbol with a number.

Guides have always been an all-time favorite way of grabbing people’s attention.

Typical headlines would be as follows:

The Ultimate Guide to ………………..

Beginner’s Guide to ………………..

A Complete Guide to ………………..

The Fear Principle, which works very nicely with people not wanting to make particular mistakes.

A few examples, as follows:

Avoid these Common 5 Mistakes when Writing your Headlines.

10 of The Worst Mistakes you can make when Blogging.

6 Small Business Policies to Avoid like The Plague.

12 of The Commonest Difficulties New Bloggers have to Face.

7 Tips you Should Really Stick to When Searching for a New Niche.

These headlines really get people going.

They’d want to know what it is they need to avoid doing, and so they’ll read your article.

Writing your headline in a form of a question is both interesting, and engaging.

Did you know question

People enjoy being asked questions, especially the type of questions they feel ‘qualified’ to forward a good answer.

It triggers their curiosity, and they would be compelled to answer, even if in their heads.

When addressing your prospective reader with a question, refer to this person as ‘You’. 

This helps to draw people into your writing.  It makes them feel involved, and they would want to read your article.  If interested enough, they would even contribute to it with a comment.

If you manage to hit your prospective readers on the head with your question, they would respond in a positive way.

They would certainly want to read your copy to see what you’re on about.

By targeting your audience, you would know what they are interested in.  Keep this in mind when writing your question, as this will increase your chances of having regular, and returning readers.

A very practical approach to take when writing headlines is to promise something to the reader.

However, this shouldn’t go over the top.   It’s only meant to be in a way to lure your prospective reader into reading your content.  You have to make sure that what you ‘promise’ is actually present in your copy.

Don’t get too ‘clever’ with your headlines. 

It will be totally lost if nobody can understand what you’re on about.  Don’t expect them to read between the lines.

This doesn’t happen. 

You’ll be lucky enough to get people to notice and read your headline, without having them also read your invisible message.

In other words, always use simple language, and state exactly what you mean to say in your headline.

Useful links for Headline Generation

I usually come up with my own titles for headlines to use for posts, but if you happen to be stuck for words, you can try the following links out.

They will help guide and inspire you to find the best ones possible to suit your copy.

For further reading, do have a look at this article, entitled “Write compelling article headlines to attract more readers“.

To learn more about writing headlines, more information can be found at the Wealthy Affiliate University.

You can join in FOR FREE, then decide if you want to go Premium within your free period.

I do suggest you do so as you will have all the possible training possible, all at your fingertips to help you build an affiliate business, from scratch, in easy-to-follow steps.

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