How to choose a profitable niche for success

Take your time when choosing a niche.

I will go on about your choice of a niche for a while longer because if you don’t choose the right niche, a profitable niche, you will only end up being disappointed.  You might just turn yourself off totally from Affiliate Marketing, which would be a shame as you have the potential to succeed.  It only takes some proper groundwork before even buying your own domain, or picking your WordPress theme, and the future’s yours for the taking.

You’re surely aware that one of the most challenging aspects of online entrepreneurship is to be able to tap into the right niche.  

Here, I’m going to give you a helping hand in your choice of niche so you can make the right decision to improve your online success.

Are you ready to succeed?

Then read on…

As already stated, a niche is practically an internet audience.  These are people out there looking for products, which may be tangible or otherwise, who would like more information about or even make a purchase.

You really need to understand how to choose a profitable niche to succeed.  This could be something you’re interested in, a hobby, or a passion.  It could be anything under the sun, but it has to be able to be monetized.  Without it being monetized, as good as the niche is, it won’t be of much use to you.

So think it over VERY CAREFULLY.

Your future financial success depends solely on your choice of niche.

Many people new to Affiliate Marketing come against a brick wall when it comes to choosing a niche to pursue.  Believe it or not, one would imagine that somebody new to this line of work would find the marketing or technical aspects as being difficult.  Thank goodness, this is not so if you become a member of Wealthy Affiliate.

Here, all your technical issues will be a thing of the past as this place is practically a university, filled to the brim with all the training you could ever wish for to succeed in the very lucrative world of Affiliate Marketing.

However, the choice of niche depends only on you.  This might seem rather daunting as you don’t wish to buy a domain name, start learning how to use WordPress, publish post after post for ages, then find out that you have no traffic visiting your site.

The fact that no traffic comes to your website could be related to different factors.  One of them is your marketing campaign.  It could very well be that very few people are interested in your niche.  Having only a handful of people showing interest in this won’t secure your financial future, so you have to think about this profoundly.

Think long and hard, but slowly and surely, but find a profitable niche

There is absolutely no rush here.  Nobody is chasing you.  If you rush it, the chances of your blowing it will be significantly high.

I am totally aware that you are more than just a little excited at getting started here.  You should be as it is an over-the-moon moment when you go into the profitable world of online marketing.

However, that fantastic feeling of success can easily turn into a one of utter frustration, and depression, should your selection of which niche to pursue would not be the right one for you.  This has happened to too many people, and it is very sad to see them giving up on something which can really change their life had this been done properly in the first place.

Don’t let this happen to you!

Don’t try to run faster than a bullet, as it won’t work, not now, not ever.

I think that the best thing to do initially, as the new person on the block, is to take in some of the plentiful training that’s available at the Wealthy Affiliate University.  Get your feel round things.  Learn as much as you can how to best approach your affiliate marketing campaign.  Talk to others in the Community.  Get advice from them and exchange ideas.  You can find out who’s being successful, and who’s not.  You get their feedback, their approach, and the results of their efforts to be able to avoid mistakes others have made before you.

The time taken to get a proper grip on the situation will help you out tremendously when you make your final choice of niche.

All this will assist you when picking the niche which is right for your personal and financial success.

What about a niche

What good is picking a particular niche which you like, but you realize that you can’t write more than a few articles about it?  You will run dry of material for it in a short span of time.  This wouldn’t work as you can’t build your website, be it passive or not, with just a handful of posts in it.  You need to write and write, and carry on writing.  OK, you don’t need to write volumes of encyclopedias, but you still are required to write quite a number of posts about the niche of your choice.

Writing many articles, apart from giving your readers (traffic) meat on which to chew, also helps out with your ranking in Google.  The more Google ranks you, the more you reach page 1 in search, which is every blogger’s dream.  The more you get close to position number 1, the more traffic you will get, resulting in more conversions.  Please note that having conversions also depends on your products, your call to action, and other factors.  What I mean is that you can be on page 1, but still won’t make any money out of it.  It can be done profitably, and there are ways to do this, but I won’t be discussing them here.  There’s just not enough time and space in this article to deviate into another subject.

Your niche should be about something that you can never get tired of.  It should be full of advice, guidance, suggestions, hints and tips, instructions, encouragement, and anything else you can think of which will attract visitors to it, with the ultimate aim of them making a purchase, a conversion.

I’ll give you a little example.

A Snails Niche! 

Just how much could you honestly write about snails?  Perhaps these were your passion when you were still a kid, and you spent hours upon hours watching them move about at their own speed.  You think they are great little creatures and you wish to tell the whole world just how fabulous they are, and how they will improve people’s lives.  Well, the reality of it is that your financial future won’t be very secure should you pursue this particular niche.

As much as you love snails, you need to pick a niche with a potential way to monetize it.  There are many similar niches to ‘snails’, so try and keep away from these when you make your ultimate choice.  Just remember that your content creation around such topics is very limited, and it certainly won’t be regular.

Do you understand where I’m going here?

Your niche should be something you can fill your website with.  Create loads and loads of content about, for that, is what you will be doing – writing tons of content.  It has to be something which won’t bore you to death or something you will go off from after a couple of months of writing about it.  It has to be evergreen, it needs to be ongoing, it needs to be alive.

Typical examples of basic evergreen niches are love, wealth, social success, health, self-improvement and emotional pleasures.  These are typical examples of what we all look out for, every day of our life.

Try to imagine how many people think or dream about writing about snails!

The above-mentioned niches can be further divided into sub-niches.

For example, the health nice can be sub-divided into several.  One would be sports (the variety of sports is massive).  This can be further sub-divided into apparel, like clothes and shoes and general equipment, like treadmills, bikes etc.

So you see how you can split up a particular niche into smaller sections.  The smaller the section, the more concentrated it will be.

People looking for bikes won’t Google ‘health’ in the search window.  The chances are that they’ll just write ‘Bikes’.

There will be thousands of pages out there having bikes as their niche, but then these could also be split even further.  There would be those which sell bikes for kids, bikes for men and women, racing bikes, spare-parts, add-ons.

The list of sub-niches goes on and on

If you happen to enjoy riding a bike, this sort of niche would be ideal for you.

You can write about your personal experiences.  About the very first time you rode one and fell flat on your face.  You can write about where you go for a ride, and how good it makes you feel.  You can suggest which type of bike would be ideal, given your gender and your age group.

If bike-riding is your hobby, this would be something that you won’t ever get tired of writing about. Try writing at least one article of about a thousand words per week.  If you’re good at it, then you can write more, or longer.

It always depends on how much time is at your disposal.

You can write about giving advice to other riders, be they new or not, about what you prefer in a bike, and where you could get parts for them.

You might even become an affiliate with a merchant that sells bikes, or even their parts.  That way, you can send people to this merchant, and every time they purchase something, you’ll get the commission.

As part of your marketing campaign, you could find other bike related niches, and see just how they are set up.  How they monetize their site.  Who their merchants are.  What their traffic is like.  Who links to them.  You can estimate how many times they post new articles and their format.  You can basically go on forever in this niche.

Having a niche about bikes will be rewarding.  You will be writing out of pure joy about your hobby, and when you start having conversions from your site, it will be more than a wonderful bonus.

Think what you can do with snails?

Take the plunge into your niche when you’re up to it

When you feel you’ve chosen the right niche, go for it.  It will take up a great deal of your free time, but don’t put it aside expecting it to return cash to you immediately.  It won’t, not before quite a few months have elapsed.  You just have to carry on creating content along the way and expect nothing back in return.  That’s how it goes initially.  It’s all give, and get nothing back.

If after a few months nothing happens, no traffic, no sales, no comments, you need to check out your site for a possible flaw.  We’ll cover that in another article.

Check out other sites in your niche for inspiration should you become stuck now and again.   Also, have a peek at your competition.  They could have something worth selling which you didn’t even know about, which you can put on your site as well.  The more products you have on your site, the more the chances of somebody taking a shine to something, and you’ll get the commission for the sale.

I hope this article has given you some insights before going out there and choosing your niche.

As I said, it’s not a race, and nobody’s chasing you in any way.

Keep these four points in mind when you pick your niche, and you should be fine:

  • It’s always better to find a niche which actually interests you
  • Pick a niche that you know you can update it regularly
  • You should always pick your niche which you can sell products through your articles.
  • The niche of your choice can be expanded upon
  • Take your time when making your choice

Take it easy, do your groundwork, do your research, get ideas and exchange views…and get educated before anything else.

The best place I’ve come across is here, at the Wealthy Affiliate University.

I’ll see you inside!

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