Fed up of your job

Every new job is shiny and bright initially.

The excitement builds up as you learn new things, and make new friends.

Your boss likes you, and your colleagues think you’re great.  You shouldn’t be fed up of your job now.

They even said you’re the best thing to have come their way for a long time.

You are eager to get to work every day, even if it’s miles from your home.

Life is wonderful in your new job…

It’s almost like when you get a new toy and can’t put it down.  It’s the same with your new job.  You talk about it with your friends and family.  You talk about it with colleagues from your previous job, that you should have made the move years before.

Your dream job

Everybody is so happy there that you can’t believe it.

You think of new ideas to better the business, even work at it in your own free time.

If you’re happy, you just do it – no two ways about it. 

You feel like the business is a part of you, and you want to make it better since it’s made you happy.

Why not?

The ideas you have come up with were nothing special, but the management didn’t think of them.  You feel good at being an active member of the business.  You’re more than proud that your ideas have been put into action.

You are made to feel important, and you get plenty of pats on the back.

Once you’re home, in your relaxing time you think of other things to better the business with.  You want to contribute more towards the place that has given you a sense of belonging, a sense of security.

Until, one fine day, things stop being shiny and bright…

This doesn’t happen overnight.  It takes a while, sometimes only months, depending on what is it that you do.

You hear people complain about this and that.  They could be little things, mostly insignificant, but these little things annoy people.  Initially, you tend to shrug these away.  I mean, you’ve just found your new job, a dream job, and surely, that sort of thing doesn’t happen there, not like those horrible things that used to happen in your old job.

However, you repeatedly hear these things, and from different people.  After a while, you’ll start to realize that their complaints could be justified after all.

You look around your new job with a different set of eyes

Some of the old members of the staff have given their notice after years in the job.

Others were ‘asked‘ to leave; the reasons behind their disappearance remain shrouded in a veil of mystery.

be sacked at work

Versions of the story are rife, and nobody really knows why after twenty long years of dedicated service, these people just disappeared, as if they never even existed before.

Some state they found a better job.  Others say that they were sacked.

Does it matter who is right? 

The only sure thing about it is that they are no longer there, and their absence has created a dangerous void, with resonates which the loss of moral.

You also notice that the freebies in the staff canteen are all being removed, one by one.

Dispensing machines were brought instead, the type that you have to pay to get a coffee.  Trouble is, the coffee is horrible and undrinkable.

Where once there were warm meals available, these stopped coming, without a decent alternative in return.

Before long, you end up being fed up of your job

Policies which make no sense at all are implemented, with the only result would be to annoy the staff even further.

The workers feel threatened by the Management and feel uneasy.  They are given the impression of not being appreciated and trusted any longer.

Managers appear to have changed their tune towards you and your department, and will easily drop you in it instead of helping you out of a situation.

The requests you make, for the good of the system, are bluntly refused, and you are left wondering what is going on around you.

You used to love your job, but now you loathe it

Incompetent people get promoted, and those who truly deserve to be, are left behind.

You also notice that the best staff are leaving, and replaced by low-paid and unskilled workers.

The select few rise above their colleagues, even though they don’t know anything about their new positions.  They are just ‘beautiful’, and one really wonders which magic button they pushed to promote their life?

The thing which starts to annoy you, and big time, is the fact that while ‘beautiful’ women are given undeserved promotions, your workload has miraculously increased.  Members of staff from your department have left and were not replaced.  Rumor has it that they won’t be, and their work also falls in your lap, without any increase in your wage packet.

Tension starts to build up, and arguments erupt between members of staff.

pulling hair out

You start to pull your hair out in distress.

There is less time to do more work, which isn’t a brilliant way to keep staff happy, and content.

The days of remaining at the same job for years on one have been long gone.

Job-security became something you read in history books.

You have come to a point that you’re being stressed out beyond hope, and you end up burnt out.

Your time at work has become a drag, and you start to hate the job, the management, and their stupid illogical policies.

The amount of built-up stress is taken home, where your family finishes up at the end of your gun, and you realize that they are not to blame for your situation at work.

The caring members of your family are concerned about your well-being, and try to get you to separate your home-life, from your work.

Your family life is no longer healthy, and alarm bells sound

Going to sleep stopped being easy, and waking up in the morning has become more difficult.

Commuting to work, and back, became a nightmare every time.

You really wish to leave, but you can’t.

Work and Family balance

You don’t have another job to fall back onto, and your financial situation isn’t brilliant at the moment.

Christmas is coming soon, and nobody wants to be without a job during this expensive time of the year.

You have no choice but to stay on, even though it’s eating you away slowly from the inside.

Things take a bad turn when the only manager you really get on with, the only one who understands your situation, is replaced with a know-all, who really doesn’t.

Your situation gets even worse when you’re expected to take orders from one who doesn’t know the slightest thing about your job.

You choke, thinking that while others get promoted, you don’t

You not only deserve it, but you also know the job inside-out.  Had you been given the opportunity, you would have fitted in like a glove.

But no, this twerp had to be brought in, from God knows where, to tell YOU how to do your job, the job you’ve done for years, and very few people can better you at it.

What a blooming cheek!

You realize that with this ‘clever’ person above you, your chances of ever getting promoted have just been shot dead, and buried, permanently.

Life at work becomes hell, and all you want to do is get out of that place, rather sooner than later, but you can’t.

When you reach the edge, you’d just about had enough, and taking the step of changing jobs is not a decision to be taken lightly.

It is your life after all, and being frustrated, hassled, overwhelmed, drained of both mental and physical energy reserves, is not a life to live.

However, your commitments keep hammering away at you.

“I hate my new job, but I have to stay”

Your family’s future depends on your decision to remain there, be destroyed, and end up of no use to anybody anyway, or you make it time to move on.

You know you are not alone for there are many unhappy people at work, with more than half of Americans feel that they are “overworked and underpaid”.

Some opt to resign or change jobs.  In extreme cases, work-related stress has even been the cause of suicides.

Thoughts of finding a different job keep hammering at the back of your mind…but you wonder if the same thing will happen again in whatever job you go to.

You can’t do anything about your situation, and you’ve been pushed into a corner, with no way out…

With no way out?

Or is there?

Luckily for you, there is.

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  • Are you not getting your due merits for all your efforts and dedication?
  • Are your friends moving ahead while you are unfairly left behind?
  • Do you feel like you are doing and giving too much, while getting little back if any in return?
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2 thoughts on “Fed up of your job

  1. It really sounds like you’ve experienced your fair share of unhappy workplaces. I have worked in management and in HR for most of my career and I hear you – jobs often start out shiny and full of hope and possibility …. but before long you start to see the true colours shining through, and things are not always as they seem. You have been sold a lemon and it’s too late, because you’re in and you’ve got bills to pay and responsibilities. Then the stress kicks in. I truly hear you. 

    Like you, I made the life changing decision to do something COMPLETELY different. I started an online business. It was crazy and scary, and the best thing I’ve done in a long time! I’ve learnt a completely new skill set and LOVE it to bits. I hope your readers listen to you and make that decision to change their lives. We only have one life, and we should enjoy it.

    • Hello Melissa,

      Many thanks for your comment. 

      It seems like work experience hasn’t been all wine and roses for you either.  It is really a shame as it all starts wonderfully, then you start to notice cracks in the ceiling, and before you know it, the whole place seems to be crumbling down on top of your head.

      At that point, it would be wise to bale out while the going is good, rather than be buried alive in a place you have come to dislike with all your might.

      Yes, unfortunately bills need to be paid and responsibilities are always there, so it’s not just a question of giving your notice and leaving the place.  You have to find an alternative before making such a move, which, at times, is not always readily available.

      Along the way, I came to realize that it’s about time I tried my luck in the online business world, and so far, it’s been brilliant.  I hope to make it work as I wish it to, so I’ll be able to ditch my day job, and dedicate all my time and efforts to my own setup.


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