How to Earn Money by Blogging: 6 Top Tips to Monetize Your Blog

Everybody loves to make some extra money, and thanks to the internet you easily can.  You can earn money by blogging from the comfort of your home.  If you enjoy writing, even if you don’t, setting up a blog is your ticket to a better life, providing you follow the right steps, and at the right time.

Anybody and everybody can become a blogger.  It is really not as difficult as you might think it is.  If you have ideas, visions, a story perhaps, a passion, hobbies, and mixed with a little bit of patience, and determination, you can have a brilliant blog working which people from all over the world would want to visit and read your content.

If you monetize it properly, you can even live a good life from its earnings.

Wouldn’t that be fantastic?

You’ll be doing something which you are passionate about, and at the same time, make money from it.  That would certainly be any normal person’s dream-come-true.

Don’t worry if your writing with regards to grammar and spelling is not that brilliant.  We’ll come to that…

Blogging is basically expressing your ideas.  These can be your views, or your sentiments, to the whole wide world about a particular subject.  This subject is known as a niche.  Many people out there are eager to read what you’ve written.

If you know your way about things, you can even make good money from blogging.

How you can earn money by blogging

Helpful Tips about blogging - Earn money by blogging

Putting together the blog is the easiest of all the tasks involved.  WordPress is the platform used by the majority of bloggers.  You will come to love it for its ease of use, and an amazing number of add-ons available for it.  These add-ons are known as plugins.  They are programs designed to create particular features you might need to add to your WordPress website.

You’ll need to follow these steps:

The great thing about setting up a blog is that anybody can do it, yes, even you.

These are the main ways of monetizing your blog:

  1. You can make money blogging with Affiliate Marketing
  2. Through Drop Shipping
  3. By offering a service or a course
  4. By the use of Pay Per Click Advertising, such as Google AdSense
  5. Email Marketing
  6. Selling Ad Space

1) How to make money blogging with Affiliate Marketing

Affiiliate Marketing - earn money by blogging

One of the most popular ways of making money through your blog is to sell somebody else’s product and getting a percentage of the sale.  This is known as Affiliate Marketing.  It’s not easy as it involves quite a bit of work.  Another thing… there are literally millions out there doing it, so you’re not alone here.  Your competition is tough, and with years of experience under their belt.  Most probably, this comes with a solid financial backing.

In other words, you will have to make an effort to get anywhere.

To become a partner with these online retailers is easy.  There are no fees for you to pay to be enrolled as an affiliate marketer.  However, the merchant will probably ask you a few questions about your site during the process.  Then, once you’re approved, you’ll be given your unique reference number, which is basically a code, and this will be attached to the products you would be promoting of that particular site.  When a visitor is interested and a sale is made, and you’ll get a percentage of the sale.  It’s pretty straightforward and works fine even when you are asleep.  This is why many go for such forms of monetizing their blog, as it works.  On top of that, the industry is getting bigger and bigger with each day that goes by.

However, all is not lost as although there are literally millions of affiliate marketers out there, there are also millions of different products to choose from.  If you’re just starting in this field, it wouldn’t be very wise to go for something which EVERYBODY is doing.

Typical examples are pets, health, and finance.  Everybody has got their finger in these pies, and you’ll be facing some really tough competition.

Find a particular niche for your blog

You’ll have to try to find a niche which is somewhat obscure, and perhaps not too well known with people.  Research well, as it won’t prove to be good if you start to market things that nobody wants.  A fine balance has to be found, which would be just perfect for your starting up in this particular line.

Affiliate Marketing is great as you can make money from the internet even when you’re asleep.  The internet never sleeps, and even if your part of the world is, the other part of the world is in full swing.  This means that you’ll have your store open on a 24/7 basis on a global level.

The list of online merchants who have an affiliate program runs into the thousands.  This means I won’t list any in this post as there won’t be enough space otherwise.  I’ll just mention the most popular one of all, which is Amazon.  For the rest, Google will gladly give you pages upon pages of them.

Merchants support your blog efforts

These merchants come equipped with their own product advertisements as well as pictures.  This is great as you won’t have to pull your hair out with details.  These include product ads, and modified pictures, and all the work that goes on behind the scenes.

One thing you would need to keep in mind.

If there are a thousand affiliate marketers pushing the same product, there will be a thousand similar pictures and ads.  Try to use your creative juices and produce something different than the rest.  Make it good enough to be eye-catching and alluring to make your prospective buyers interested.

Once accepted into their program, you’ll get free access to all of their product advertisements and pictures.  These ads go in specific areas of different blogs and article pages for maximum impact.

2) Through Drop Shipping

What is Drop Shipping in any case?  Well, it’s similar to Affiliate Marketing, in the sense that you don’t have your own products to market from your website.  The main difference between Affiliate Marketing and Drop Shipping is that in the latter, you will collect the money from the buyer and sort out shipping with the merchant.

The beauty about Drop Shipping is that you’ll be making more than a little percentage on the sales.  You’ll be buying from the merchant at wholesale prices, and selling off the products to your customers at the full retail rate.

Please be careful when you enter this realm as many are the scams related to this line of work.

For a more in-depth explanation of the procedures, along with expert guidance and advice, please take a look at what my friend, Robert Prescott, has written in his article – Free Drop Shipping Wholesale Suppliers.

3) By offering a service or a course

Online Training - earn money by blogging

This is an exceptional way of making money from your blog.  Become specialized in a particular subject.   Ideally, one which you can go on forever, and offer to teach this through your website.

You can let snippets of your courses on your blog, to entice people to want to know more.  Then, you’ll be in a better position to get to them to register for the whole course.   Through membership,  you give them access to your premium sections which would be password protected.  Otherwise, you can just send them the course, in chunks (if it is a long one), via email.

The list of courses to cover is as great as your imagination.  It can be something simple, from a DIY course, to how to write books and everything in between.  The sky is practically the limit.

4) By the use of Pay Per Click Advertising, such as Google AdSense

For this to really work, you would need huge amounts of traffic to your site.  Making money from AdSense is practically a number’s thing.  The more visitors you have, the more people can click on the adverts they find on your blog, and so the more money you can make.

Just in case you thought this was easy, it’s not. 

You can’t just click on your own ads, well, it doesn’t work like that as Google is wise to such practice.  You’ll end up being shot at dawn, and most probably you’ll get kicked out of the program.

The amount of money you make depends largely on the type of product being advertised.  Bear in mind that you won’t get rich just from these ads.  Really, you shouldn’t base your financial future on what you might make from people clicking on such ads.

Google’s wise enough to display Ads that are relevant to what your blog is about.  It won’t be much good if you’ve got a blog about cats, and Google sends you ads for bones and dog food.

The adverts can be in any location of your site, be it the header, on a sidebar, or scattered throughout your posts.

However…and this is something which you need to keep in mind…

Too many adverts will put off your visitors.

Nobody, myself included, likes to wade through an oncoming torrent of adverts all over the pages.  They tend to become a pain in the nether regions, and I end up having a bad user experience and just leave.

5) Email Marketing

Email marketing - earn money by blogging

You’ve probably heard the term ‘The money’s in the list’ a few times down the road.  This is true, but you also have to keep in mind that building your list might take you a while.  Also, the financial rewards won’t be as quick as the other options already listed.

The actual building of your list can be done in several ways.  The norm is to offer your prospects something in return for their email.  It could also be the case that you tempt them with a snippet, but for them to have the full version, they’d need to give you their email address.  Another possibility is to offer them a freebie.  Although many have caught on to this sort of thing, it still works to some extent.  The freebie could be anything from an eBook, to a complete course in a particular subject.  It could be everything in between, which also includes discount coupons.  You have to use your imagination here, and know what your audience is likely to want for free.

Email Marketing is brilliant in itself as you can send your group updates about your site. These could be about a particular new product, a bonus, or even freebies.   The people receiving emails can read them at their leisure.  Another advantage is that they’ll remain in their inbox until they’re disposed of.

It is not suggested that you hammer your list with emails on a daily basis as they’ll soon get tired of it, especially if you don’t really have anything tangible to offer them.  Better to send one on a weekly or fortnightly basis, or when you think you have something really worthwhile for your readers to go for.

6) Selling Ad Space

This is something which not many bloggers have managed to achieve profitably.  It takes a long time for your site to be established, ranked well, and it has to have a great deal of traffic before anybody will bother to pay you for using your site to advertise on.

However, once achieved, it’s another form of money maker through your blog, which is brilliant.  It becomes even better is the fact that you can ask what fee you think is fair from people wishing to place their ads on your site.

Your blog will become a part of you

I love my blog - earn money by blogging

There are no secrets involved here, but one thing you need to work on is that your website is so brilliant, it will do nothing else but impress your visitors.

Your website, especially the landing page, has to look attractive as well as organized.  It needs to let visitors flow from one section to the next and not have them struggle and becoming all lost trying to make their way around it.

This is all about user experience, also referred to as UX.

UX is a vast subject, and it starts with obtaining a suitable and catchy domain name.  Finding a host that offers high-speed websites is also an important issue, as no matter how good your blog is, people will just shy away if it doesn’t load fast enough.

Great care of producing fantastic content must be given.  Content is the lifeline of your blog, as, without it, people will have no reason to come and visit.  Should your time be limited, you can always turn to places who have writers waiting in the queue, and for a reasonable fee, can write you a piece of content.  I’ve tried these once.  The content was not out of this world, but after having gone through it myself, it was then usable, but don’t take as a hard and fast rule as I could have been unlucky and didn’t come across a good writer.

Guest blogging advantages

Guest Blogging - earn money by blogging

Guest blogging is another source of having articles written for you.  This is good for you, as well as for your guest writer, as you won’t have to do it yourself and your site will fill up with content.  At the same time, your guest writer will spread his or her name even further.  Good and selective content means your site will remain nicely topped up with brilliant and new content on a regular basis.

With regards to traffic, if you don’t manage to get any, then you can kiss goodbye your chances of ever having it monetized.

It boils down to many different ingredients that need to go into the same pot all in one go to make your blog shine brighter than those of the rest of your competing bloggers.

Where do you begin to write a blog?

Well, this is also an easy question to answer…

If you’ve never heard of it before, don’t worry, as you will within the next few moments.

There’s a very special place that anyone can check out, and it’s completely FREE for the first seven days, where all you will ever need to know about creating a blog, for the WordPress platform, from nothing, is available.

You will come to learn all there is to know about building a business on the internet, for that is one of the main reasons people build a blog, to make money from.

You might be one of those who sincerely doesn’t care about monetizing it, but that’s fine too.  Here, you will learn the ropes about how to go about it in easy to follow lessons, which are regularly updated to keep in line with Google’s constantly changing trends.

Out of the many places I’ve tried, this place is really the place to be.  I’ve been there for a while myself after having been to other places which left me with a bitter-sweet taste of having been taken for a ride.

Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t go over the top with promising you the world on a silver tray.  You have to work in an honest and legal way.  It is not a place which offers you fame and fortune overnight.  This sort of thing just doesn’t happen and the only places who offer you this false hope are those trying to scam you of your hard-earned money.

What will it cost to have a blog?

The WordPress blog itself is free, but if you decide to take up this enterprise as a career, or to make some real money, there is always a little expense involved.  But, for what you get in return from Wealthy Affiliate, it’s nothing out of this world.

Throughout the seven day FREE trial, if you think this platform is what you were always looking for, then you can go Premium, which is still only a margin of what other places charge.

For the first month, there is a charge of $19, and then it’s $49 a month.

HOWEVER, this will be heavily discounted should you opt to go yearly, as this would then come to a very affordable sum of just under $1 a day.

That’s practically it, less than one Dollar a day, and you will have the world at your fingertips.

The amount of information available, technical support, site security, as well as hosting up to FIFTY sites on this platform, and a great deal more, is all yours for less than one measly Dollar a day.  Please note that if you come to buy a domain, that will be charged separately, which is roughly about $15 for a whole year unless you use a Siterubix platform, which you can have a free domain of your choice.  Truth be told, you can have up to 25 sites with your own domain name, and these can end up with a .com, .net, .org, etc, and 25 sites on the Siterubix platform.

Which blogging platform shall I use?

Be wary of those platforms that offer to set you up with a free blogging platform.  Afterward, you’ll start paying for this, and for that, and for the other.  At the end of the day, you’ll end up paying through your nose, and far, far more than you would pay for Wealthy Affiliate.

I tried it, and I think it is really great, in fact, I’m still a member of this brilliant community.

This platform shows you, in the most effective way, how to go about things which will only serve to boost your blog in Google’s rankings, and how to be found in search engines.  If you can’t be found, you can’t have any traffic, and that means your blog will not have the potential of making you money.

So much so, I stopped looking elsewhere as I know for a fact that I will not find anything that even comes remotely close to all the things Wealthy Affiliate has to offer, all for under one Dollar a day…and you can start it all for FREE.

I wouldn’t say this is an opportunity of a lifetime, but it comes very close to being one.

Free starter membership at Wealthy Affiliate - earn money by blogging

All you need to do to try it out is to fill in your email, and you’re away, totally FREE for the first seven days to enjoy the training this excellent platform has to offer.

Should you need something along the way, please do look me up at WA and I’ll be there to help you out as needed.

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